Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 1!

Ran 3.05 miles in 34:45

1 day down, 39 to go! I can already tell what my main issue with the challenge is going to be - socks. Even though I'm super prone to blisters, I'm cheap and I'm poor so I only have a couple of pairs of awesome running, seamless socks. I usually save them for my longer runs and wear whatever cheap socks I can find at Le Targe for my shorter midweek runs. But if I'm going to be running every day, I'm going to need better socks. At around mile 2 I stopped to stretch my hamstring that felt a little tight [and figure out how to get to the next episode of the West Wing on my iPad] and somehow in the process I managed to work the seam of my sock right onto the little nub of a toe where my dearly departed toenail used to live. I kept trying to wiggle it better, I stopped and took off my shoe and tried to fix it. Nothing. Ouch.

And I know what you're thinking - why not just wash your socks more often. Because I'm lazy, that's why.

Anyone know where I can get some cheap but awesome socks? What are your favorite?


Sarah Soon-To-Be said...

I buy Puma socks from Marshalls - they come in super fun colors and have arch supports and are low enough they don't show a lot but don't slip down your heel. I haven't been in a while, so I'm not positive they still sell them, but pick some up if you see them. $5 or 6 for a 3-pack I think?

Gidget said...

yay! i love any excuse to go to marshalls =)