Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bibbity bobbity boo-yah

Whenever my alarm goes off, I always think of the line from Cinderella - "I hear you, I hear you. Get up you say. Time to start another day." Random, i know.

Anyhoo ... I actually made my morning run today! Go me. It was only 2 miles and it in no way made up for last night's binge-fest, but it made me feel a little better. I felt like I just couldn't get comfortable for the first mile. My garmin annoyed me, my shorts kept riding up, my mp3 player kept rattling and my legs just felt heavy. By the second mile, however, I was feeling much better and was able to finish strong.

You may have noticed in that last paragraph that I wore shorts on my run this morning. That's right. Shorts. Now. I am a not-so-proud, lifelong member of the TTC (Thighs Touch Club). I've never run i shorts before. Well, not since those awful Catholic school gym uniform days. The closest I'll come is my fancy schmancy (aka bought on sale at the outlets) running skirts with respectable compression shorts. Because otherwise I get some chafing that is NOT cute. But I'd been hearing amazing things about Nike Tempo Shorts and it is going to get hot in Southern California and I thought, welp, might as well bite the bullet. Except I couldn't find Nike Tempo Shorts. At least not ones that were on sale. So I went to Le Targe and bought some Champion temp shorts and hoped for the best. Today was their inaugural run. At first I thought I was in trouble. They were kind of riding up and I was doing that awkward skip/pull your shorts down/hope I don't get a rash dance. But about halfway through the first mile, something worked and they magically stayed in place for the rest of the run. Glorious! I don't know that I'd switch to running in shorts full time, as I'm still a capri girl at heart, but I'm excited to try the Nike ones and who knows, maybe I'll even buy another pair of the Champion ones in some ridiculous color.

Do you get chub rub? Do you run in shorts? Discuss!

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