Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I didn't just fall off the wagon ... I got run over by it

So I've gained 10 pounds in 6 months.

Now, in fairness, part of this is due to the fact that I lost 20 pounds in a super unhealthy, bad-breakup induced no good very bad diet. So I was bound to gain at least some of it back (and if I were at all optimistic, I'd say, 'Hey, at least I'm still down 10!' But I'm obviously not optimistic). The other part is due in large part to my stupid running. I ran the Rock n' Roll Los Angeles 1/2 Marathon in October and badly irritated my IT Band in the process. It basically forced me on a 3 month physical activity hiatus. Problem was, I was still eating like I was running long runs every weekend ...

But I'm BACK now. I've made it through 4 weeks of successful running and up to 4 whole miles (I know, it's not far, and it's not fast, but it's something!). In an effort to speed up the weight loss process I've been trying to eat super healthy. It's almost been working and I'm definitely feeling better. But Moondoggie has planned an adorable V-Day/Fake Anniversary trip to Newport Beach and there's a heated pool and a sauna and a potential bathing suit. In February. Aka 3 months from regular bathing suit season. That's just cruel. I've been trying to put in extra hours at the gym but that's just leading to me being more stressed out which leads to binge eating which leads to no change on the scale or my waistline.

Cue Well Intentioned Saboteur [aka Roommate]. She knew I was having a rough day (Moondoggie issues I'm not quite ready to verbalize yet) and that even though I was attempting to sweat out my problems at the gym, it probs wasn't going to work. So she planned a night of Real Housewives, wine and ice cream. My Holy Trinity. Two glasses of Muscato and some ice cream later and I'm that much further from being bathing suit ready ... maybe we should switch to a ski trip? Except, as Moondoggie so kindly pointed out, I don't ski. But I do look cute in chunky sweaters. Ok, let's not kid ourselves, I just look chunky in chunky sweaters.

Oh well. At least I'm a professional marvel. Or the best in a crappy group of interns. Whatever. I found out today I'm responsible for a deposition in a fairly high profile civil rights case that I can't talk about. Needless to say, as a law student, that's definitely a big deal. My boss marveled today at my productivity. I spent 90% of my day texting with Moondoggie and tracking my new compression socks on I must be doing something right!

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