Monday, February 7, 2011

A Nice Little Monday

I sat around for a solid 45 minutes this morning after Moondoggie left, in my running clothes, willing myself to get up and out. Last night while watching the Super Bowl, I ended up doing a ton of random exercises … abs, arms, legs, whatever I was feeling. I was in a bad place and felt like I needed to sweat it out (more on that in a later post, up today I hope!). I don’t usually do a ton of strength work, so that led to one sore Gidget this morning.

When I started my run, Henry the Garmin was being all wonky. I have it set to auto-pause if I go slower than 20 min. miles (because that probably means I’m stopped at a light somewhere) and it kept auto-pausing and auto-resuming for the first ½ mile or so. This is a route I run all the time, so thankfully I wasn’t really worried about screwing up my distance, but because it wasn’t registering my distance right it wasn’t registering my pace right either. I couldn’t figure out how fast I was going, but I knew it was too fast. I tried to pull back but I soon realized that I could finish the 2 miles in under 20 minutes. Now, most of you out there in the running blog world are super speedy (even if you think you aren’t!), but I really am legitimately slow. I have NEVER run a mile at a 10 min. pace, let alone 2! I kicked it up as high as I could and while my Garmin claims I did 2 miles in 20:46, the map says I did 2.11 miles in 20:46, so I’m obviously going with that number! Huzzah!

I was then uber-productive, going grocery shopping and buying fancy new shoes (that’s productivity, right?). Then I popped into the office for a bit (on my off day, because I’m that cool) and am now “reading” for class later. My left knee is feeling a little IT Band-twingy. I’ll have to ice/stretch/roll when I get home. I’m supposed to go to dance class tonight but I may skip it. Last week we did a lot of moves that made my knees not love me the next day and I’d rather not take that chance.

Also, I think I’m starting Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred tonight. Has anyone ever tried it? I’m sure it’s ridiculously hardcore. I’m trying to amp up my weight loss goals a little and I really want to work on adding some strength training into my routine. What kind of strength training do you do?

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